Compliance Management Inc.

Expert Solutions for Environmental Health & Safety Challenges


System Design

Compliance Management provides management consulting services to review existing programs, identify critical needs, develop new systems designs and implement change.

We have found that successful programs include:
  • Accountability - you don't have accountability until you can point your finger at the individual responsible for a specific task;
  • Measurement - you must have measures of performance carefully designed to achieve desired outcomes, that are reviewed periodically by management for corrective action
  • Structure - you need a management information system that captures requirements, responsibilities, and data on performance
  • Motivation - unless bonuses and performance reviews are part of the structure, no one will pay serious attention
  • Enforcement - unless someone occasionally audits performance the data will be suspect.


Compliance Management has developed a state-of-the-art web-based, compliance task tracking software tool for assuring that no important management or regulatory task is overlooked. The software includes:
  • Generic database of regulations, tasks, procedures, worksheets, corporate policies
  • Customized lists of applicable regulations, departments
  • Task assignment to individual employees
  • Schedules of tasks and corrective actions
  • Management reports on overdue items and statistics on performance by department and individual
  • Weekly email reminders of tasks due and tasks overdue

Click on the following to tour the software tool: >>Tour of EHS Manager

Performance Measures

We help clients develop meaningful performance measures to achieve results. The best performance metrics proactively assess and drive behavior to produce the objectives prescribed by the business strategy; in addition, they provide feedback to identify opportunities for refinement of the strategy in a dynamic business environment. Our experts are nationally recognized for their work in this area.


Socially conscious investors, customers, boards, regulators and others are pushing corporations to institute programs that are socially responsible and enhance sustainability of the earth's resources. We help client sort through its options like the CERES principles, Global Reporting Initiative, and develop pragmatic programs that enhance the firm's credibility with its publics.