Compliance Management Inc.

Expert Solutions for Environmental Health & Safety Challenges

About Us

Compliance Management is an environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting firm that focuses on cutting edge issues facing industry and the public sector. Founded in 1989 by Dr. John Bewick, former Secretary of Environmental Affairs for Massachusetts, the firm utilizes "best-in-class" teams of experts to address unique client challenges.

Our clients range from large, multi-national firms to small, fast growing bio-tech firms to public agencies with complex regulatory challenges.

We assist clients with crises requiring sophisticated understanding, analysis and planning. Our involvement helps management avoid unnecessary distraction and loss of focus on the core corporate mission. Our solutions help protect the financial health of the organization. We utilize teams of legal, policy and public affairs experts.

We promote pro-active management of EHS activities as good management practice that improves profitability while minimizing risks and liabilities. We bring expertise in management systems, regulations, software integration, and performance measurement so that new management systems and software build permanent change into the corporate culture.

More recently we have added expertise on global climate change. We offer:
  • Executive briefings to inform clients about the vast dimensions of climate change issues, likely regulatory scenarios, and how these scenarios may affect the corporation;
  • A variety of energy efficiency tools to reduce use of carbon fuels;
  • Options for offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions with credit projects;
  • Strategic planning services for the long term in the coming world of reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Our success is built upon in-depth knowledge of issues coupled with teamwork among relevant experts whose combined skills are essential for project success.